Reliable and hardworking team of electricians

Hamilton’s premier, professional and most reliable team of commercial electricians

Just like your home, your business needs a diverse range of highly specialised electrical services. Choose an expert team of commercial electricians today! Our team of electricians specialise in working in commercial spaces, designing perfect, Cost effective and safe electrical solutions in your office and industry, so that your customers, staff and business will benefit as a whole. 
Through our partners we can even create, design and install refrigeration or air conditioning systems. We install data cables and cabinets, rewiring businesses and install lighting systems with a series of styles and options. We tailor our designs to your particular business, taking the time to find a system to suit your budget, style and organisation. Choose the experts in commercial electrical work today, and give us a call! 

Renovations, recreations and refurbishments

Recently made plans to renovate your home, office or industrial complex? Give us a call! Our electricians specialise in providing affordable, reliable and safe renovation work to your brand new place, taking to time to create the perfect solution, sculpted around your schedule and renovation. We can design wiring, data cables and more, and tailor them around the contours of your new renovation, and your budget!

Cutting edge installations

Want a brand new light system for your office?  What about a cutting edge air conditioning systems?  We offer a huge range of installation and design services, perfectly sculpted, tailored and customised to suit your needs. Our electricians will find the perfect product for you, taking the time to shop around and get the best deal on whatever you need installed. No installation job is too big or too small for our team of electricians! 

Repairs, maintenance and more!

Got an issue you need a licensed, electrician to come over and take a look at? From dodgy sockets to blown bulbs that are just out of reach, our team of master electricians have you covered. We will help diagnose, locate and resolve the issue as soon as we can: after all it’s in the name! Safe and professional, we will ensure that we create the perfect repair job, so that there’s no risk of any injury or damage to your property. Electrical work is hard and potentially dangerous, so make sure you hire a team of licensed electricians to get the job done safe! 
Need an electrician? Call us today on 027 308 5522.
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